Have you been curious about the ketogenic (“keto”) diet?

What is?

Why do it? 

Perhaps you’ve heard all sorts of opinions on it: that it’s hard to do, or that it’s extreme.

(I couldn’t disagree more!)

I'm Susie, and I’m all about keeping keto simple!

At its simplest form, the keto diet means eating high enough fat, moderate protein, and low enough carbs that your body switches its primary fuel source from carbs (sugar) to ketones (made from fat). That’s it. Yes, there are many ways to do the keto diet, and yes you can make it complicated but why go that route?

My preference in being keto is to keep simple, keep it real, and keep it rooted in science.

I’ve been in long-term nutritional ketosis for years now, and people ask me all the time how I do it. My framework is so simple, if you blink, you’ll miss it. Really! Here it is: I eat a Mediterranean diet, minus the carbs.

Whoah! Mind blowing, right? It really can be that simple, and that wonderful. And that’s the message that seems to be missing in many keto discussions. So I’ve started a podcast to change that!

On Small Bite Keto, we’ll break down keto step by step- focusing on health benefits, fitting it into your lifestyle, and the science behind it. Bite by bite, you can understand keto and decide if it is right for you.


Welcome to Small Bite Keto

I’m Susie, and I’m all about keeping keto simple. On my Small Bite Keto Podcast, we’ll break down keto bite by bite, focusing on the health benefits, fitting it into your lifestyle and the science behind the benefits. Launching October...

Launching Oct '20!